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IMERYS company
Date the visit - 21/06/2012
We had one very nice day with our customers of the building(ship); surprised for some to discover not far from at their home(with them) this magnificent frame(executive); very good welcome thank you again in the name of Imerys Terre cuite. Monique Thiery

Marion and Thomas Rousseau
Date the visit - 16/06/2012
The day of June 16th, 2012 will remain engraved(burnt) in our heart thanks to the beauty of the place that is the castle of Mazières. Thank you for all the heart which you and Mr Vignaud put in this beautiful activity.

Laurence and Thomas Trarieux-Lumière
Date the visit - 19/05/2012
We are very happy to have been able to celebrate our marriage to Mazières. All our guests as well as our parents(relatives) were very happy. It is the magnificent place which will remain for ever engraved(burnt) in our reports(memoirs)! I did not unfortunately have the opportunity to greet you by leaving on Sunday evening, then we flew away for a few days of rest from Monday.
Yours, Laurence and Thomas Trarieux-Lumière

Date the visit - 16/06/2012
We send you all our congratulations to have created this place convenient to all the events. The reception of the marriage of our daughter Marion will stay a wonderful memory(souvenir). In spite of uncertain time(weather) the guests were delighted to take advantage of the park and its greenery. The fire(light) d " tifice pulled(fired) at midnight fired the park with elegance. The internal room lends itself ideally to a large number dkvités. We all appreciated(estimated) the perfection of the detail of our hostess, that is in the common areas(parts) that in rooms(chambers). One thank you to M Vignaux who assists her(it) with efficiency and kindness

Date the visit - 29/11/2011
It is a magnificent place, the volumes, the configuration of premises(places) and the given material(equipment) is completely adapted to the seminaries(seminars) of company in particular. It was very easy to us to organize our event, even at a distance(even remotely), thanks to the reactivity and to Mrs GUBIAN's professionalism. We recommend this place, filled(performed) with history(story), which was nevertheless for our agency, the opportunity(occasion) to prepare with our teams, the future. Direction(management) Concession Investment GRDF - Auvergne centers Limousin.

MRS marries - lacombe christine
Date the visit - 15/09/2011
We inaugurated an other type(chap) of festivities in the castle of Mazières by celebrating the centenarian(centenary) of my father. We were 49: adults, teenagers, children and babies The family gathering started by a picnic Saturday noon in the cooking(kitchen) proposed according to the arrival of families. On Saturdays evenings a dinner in the romantic room was served by a caterer, preceded by diverse animations in medieval room. Sunday noon, later a voucher to have breakfast in medieval room with big fire(light) in the fireplace, then competition(help,competitions) of soap bubbles on the terrace (it will doubtless foam in autumn rains), we all lunched outside, goutant in the specialities of some and others. We appreciated(estimated) the reactivity

Date the visit - 09/07/2011
Marriage Audoux / Lanonier: we are still under the spell of this magic, grand and wonderful castle which allowed us during our marriage July 09th, 2011 to welcome all our guests. The place is ideal:la romantic room bears well its name, spacious and adapted has our reception of 80 pax then the medieval room the next day for our brunch between friends with a beautiful sun in produce you to waste(spoil) nothing. Rooms(chambers) as well as dormitory are tastefully decorated and with a very good comfort. We are moreover anxious to thank Mrs Gubian for her kindness and its understanding as well as Mr Vignaud for its help(assistant). A beautiful full of emotion memory(souvenir) for our friends and our families which had the enjoyment to discover our

Catherine LAMY
Date the visit - 16/07/2011
Marriage LAMY-DESMET: we congratulate ourselves on our choice for the place of the marriage of our daughter Caroline, indeed the Romantic room lends itself completely has the organization of reception and possesses everything for the success of such an evening. The caterer LOISON ( Ouistreham Calvados) was very satisfied with the vast and equipped cooking(kitchen). The decoration assured(insured) by The Garden Of Shadows was magnificent and corresponded to our wait(expectation). The vast court or we realized the cocktail(cocktail party) and the brunch of the next day we to licence not to put under stress too much because of uncertain time(weather)! As regards rooms(chambers) and dormitory there also comfort, charm and beautiful services(performances) are in produce making you the memory(souvenir) of this even more memorable party(holiday). A big

Date the visit - 30/06/2011
Rotary Club of LEVROUX BOISCHAUT champagne(LEVROUX BOISCHAUT Champagne) organized in the Castle of MAZIERES its transfer of power We were 59 persons all Rotarians and their spouses, inhabitants of the department of the Indre, certain in 10 mm of the site but not knowing him(it). Unanimously they were surprised and enchanted with the beauty of MAZIERES and on the interview(maintenance) and the propreté.des places which are impeccable. Thanks to MRS GUBBIAN to have allowed us to organize this important evening within a Rotary club in this magic place. This evening is a big success for the CLUB

Mister Pierre-Alexandre Prime
Date the visit - 25/06/2011
All the guests, without exception were very very satisfied with the cocktail(cocktail party) and of the evening. The frame(executive) charmed all the participants. A successful marriage which completely satisfied us Céline and myself.

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